Empowering Black, Latinx, and Indigenous small business owners to thrive in tomorrow's economy.


Empowering Black, Latinx, and Indigenous small business owners to thrive in tomorrow's economy.

Our Mission

EMBOLDEN partners with Black, Latinx, and Indigenous-owned businesses to transition products, services, and workflows to a digital format. We aim to understand our client’s most crucial needs by providing digital and strategic support. We hope that our partners will be completely digitized with our services.


Embolden provides pro-bono adaptive strategy and digitization services to businesses disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

We are a team of recent graduates that have experience in strategy, consulting, and technology. EMBOLDEN organizes college students from across the country to partner with businesses to implement digital solutions and provide strategic advice.

Our Services

In an effort to maximize impact for small businesses, all services are completely free. Our services include, but are not limited to: digitization, strategy roadmaps, and general problem-solving.


  • Evaluate current products and services
  • Offer advice to adapt product/service delivery for socially-distanced operations
  • Introduce new product or service offering ideas suited to remote operations
  • Create fundraising initiatives for clients where applicable


  • Create and develop custom websites for businesses
  • Deploy E-Commerce platforms
  • Select online platforms well-suited to each business
  • Launch online marketing campaigns through digital advertising and social media
  • Provide a roadmap to complete digitization with step by step guides

Our Values


By building trust and empathy with all of our partners, we hope to better understand the needs of each client.


EMBOLDEN embraces the changes imposed by COVID-19 and focuses on opportunities to innovate in business strategy and digitalization.


With a focus on sustainable impact, we aspire to build a foundation of knowledge, scalable solutions, and a detailed roadmap that empower our partners for future success.


Through the support for our team members and partners, we hope to excite and inspire each other to be creative and bold in tackling tough issues.

Join Us

EMBOLDEN aims to harness the talents of college students around the country to empower underrepresented minority-owned businesses.

After a successful first-round of partnerships, we excited to start our second round of pro-bono consulting projects this September. Applications are now live!

To underrepresented minority small business owners in need during this pandemic, we urge you to apply.

To passionate students who want to make an impact, if you are interested in contributing to the business strategy and digitization process of our clients, we urge you to join us.

Business Owners

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